Slumber party!! Add a headshot & full length sleepwear photo to show clients your portfolio for

potential lifestyle and commercial product shoots (for example hot winter drinks or clothing brands).

Try to add 5 different sleepwear looks to your portfolio. Include headshot and full length (Max 2 photos per outfit). 

Cost: You can add your own photos for FREE on the online self-update feature. Or you can request an optional customised quote together

with your consultant to match your budget and shoot ideas. Costs range from student friendly budgets to high end professional quality.

Team: Depending on the concept shoots may include a Photographer, Photo Editor, Videographer, Video Editor, Hair Stylist, Make Up Artist,

Wardrobe Stylist, Prop Master, Set PAs and Coordinator to plan your shoot.

(Mood board sample photos may not be owned by CCA. Samples are used for educational purposes. Depending on the shoot concept the recommended team’s work history will be shared.)